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Explorer 1


Explorer 1

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The Body,” a series by Alan Herbert

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Cine (Taken with Cinemagram)


Cine (Taken with Cinemagram)


Brice Bischoff used a 4×5 large format camera and some very large sheets of colored paper. He then used long exposure times to paint colorful blurs into the photographs by waving the papers around. The caves are actually manmade, and have often been used for shooting Hollywood movies. Bischoff says his goal was to create sculptural, photographic objects that interact with the history and architecture of the caves.

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It’s On Sale: Charles Tyrwhitt Tweed Sport Coats — $218.95 Shipped

Brown Harris Tweed Classic Fit Patch Pocket Sport Coat

Taupe Tweed Tailored Fit Patch Pocket Sport Coat

Authentic Donegal Tweed Classic Fit Sport Coat

Donegal Tweed Tailored Fit Sport Coat

The site says these originally retailed for $900, but it’s a bit of a gimmick: almost everything at Charles Tyrwhitt is almost always on sale. These jackets have been “on sale” for $449 for months, but just dropped to $240 each this week. Use promo code CTSAVE15 to knock another $36 off.

All of the jackets feature double-vented backs, which I’ve found is a bit of a rarity for off-the-rack tweed sport coats. From my experience with Tyrwhitt, the classic fit works best if you size down; presumably the tailored fit is true-to-size. Curiously, Charles Tyrwhitt opted for a classic fit for their jackets made from what you could call “heritage” fabrics—Harris Tweed from Scotland and authentic Donegal Tweed from Ireland.

I tried the Harris Tweed jacket this past fall as part of my search for a brown patch pocket sport coat. The shoulders were a bit stronger than I prefer, but I otherwise really liked the jacket, particularly appreciating the beautiful fabric. I ultimately returned it due to the functional cuffs, which for me automatically add a $75 “tailor tax” to shorten the sleeves from the shoulder. On my budget, I couldn’t justify such a huge tailoring bill on top of $449 for the jacket itself.

At $220 shipped, though, it just might be worth reconsidering.